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To book your spot we require a $1,500 per vehicle/room non-refundable deposit at the time of your booking. Space is limited, and we cannot guarantee that everyone who is interested will be able to bring their own cars, or attend, each year.

If you are taking a car it must be submitted for approval, before your booking will be excepted. Substitutions for the vehicle can be submitted for acceptance until 14 days before the deadline for paperwork. Deposits and payments cannot be refunded, but if you must cancel no additional payments will be due above what you have already paid.

You are welcome to pay by installments, but the full balance must be received by March 30, 2018.

The total price (excluding flights, food, fuel) is $5,800 per vehicle/room, based on two people sharing a car and a room. A third person in the same car, and sharing the same room, can be added for an additional $350, and a single person can subtract $350 from the total.

The non-driving option is $2,900 per room based on two people sharing, or $2,500 for one person per room. A third person can be added for $650, if sharing the same room.

Payments can be made by check, PayPal, or via debit/credit card (subject to a 3.5% fee). All payments are made to Orchid Euro LLC.

Vehicle and Driver paperwork

In order to get your vehicle and insurance paperwork ready, we require a original title for your car, and a copy of your drivers license. Once the vehicle has been processed for the international shipping, we will return the title to you. Please photocopy your title, or save a copy to your computer, for your records before sending it.

Please contact us if you have a lien (loan) on the vehicle – you will need a letter of approval from the lien holder giving express consent for your car to temporarily leave the country.

Your car will be insured under a separate European coverage policy for liability and breakdown coverage. If you have a collectors policy on your car, you may wish to speak to your insurance broker about existing or additional coverage, or ask us for more information.

All normal rules from your state apply to you vehicle; it must be registered, inspected etc as normal. All our cars will also need USA country stickers on the back, which we can supply if needed.

Important Dates

Now – $750/$1500 Deposit can be sent, once your vehicle has been accepted.

March 12, 2018 – Paperwork to be received. Original title and copy of drivers license must be received for processing.

March 12, 2018  – Installment payments must equal minimum $2,000 per person ($4,000 per vehicle/room).

April 1st – Expected day of opening of window for vehicle to be delivered to the port, subject to change.

April TBC – Possible cruise from the Orchid Euro warehouse to the port.

April 5th – Expected last day for vehicle to be delivered to Rhode Island port, subject to change.

April 5th – Full payment must be received ($2,900 per person/$5,800 per vehicle/room).

TBC – Absolute final day for cars to depart USA to Emden, Germany

May TBC – Collect cars at VW Germany Port Facility, in Emden.

TBC – Final day to arrive in Munich, Germany, if only joining for Austrian section of the tour.

May 9th – Worthersee begins.

May TBC – Return cars to VW Germany Port Facility, in Emden.

June TBC – Approximate date of vehicles return to Rhode Island, USA. Then on to Florida, etc. We will keep you updated with your vehicles arrival date, and you will be contacted when it is ready to be collected at the port.

Important Notes

We will provide you with a full information packet, with addresses, emergency contact information, routes, itinerary, and more.

The Official Support Vehicle will stay with the slowest vehicle on the group drives. If anyone has a mechanical or medical emergency a Group Leader will stay with them, as common sense and safety allows.

You’re adults, so you can detour off the planned routes at any time, but we cannot offer this same support.

If your car breaks down on the planned routes, we will do our utmost to have it transported to that nights hotel or apartment accommodation. You will then have the chance to repair it, or have it transported back to the port while continuing on in a support vehicle, or to leave the group and stay with the vehicle.

If your car has to leave the Tour, you, your co-pilot, and your luggage will be assigned to one of the support vehicles, or another car as available. We will not leave anyone behind, as long as you are on the scheduled route.

If you plan to sell your vehicle in Europe, you will need to inform us ASAP. There are important paperwork and other implications regarding this. You cannot sell it in Europe without expressly arranging the correct paperwork.

Fuel: Europe uses a different octane calculation system, but basically:
Euro 95 Octane = USA 91 Octane
Euro 98 Octane = USA 94 Octane

We will be driving at least 1,500 miles, so you plan to budget enough fuel money for this distance. At the time of writing this, a gallon of 95 Octane in Austria is roughly $4.72, and in Germany is roughly $5.44. (In Pennsylvania today, a gallon of mid-grade is roughly $2.81).

The Austrian Road Tax is required, but is quite cheap at around $11 in 2016/7, and we will arrange it’s purchase for you. Any other toll roads are your responsibility, but there are very few and we do not have any planned currently. You are responsible for any speeding tickets, fines, parking tickets, etc that your vehicle incurs.

If the group visits the Nurburgring, entry to the track with your vehicle is not included in the price. There is always a chance of weather or incidents closing the track, which we cannot control.

Other Important and Legal Notes

If you have any medical history, food allergies/preferences, or other information, please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

OBEY ALL LOCAL LAWS. Seriously. You are responsible for speed tickets, parking tickets, fines, etc, so please drive carefully and respectfully.  We will be driving on the Germany Autobahn; stay to the right unless passing, and drive safely within your vehicles limit, drivers experience, and as weather conditions allow. We, the hosting company, the group leaders, sponsors, or any other party, cannot take any responsibility or liability for your own and your vehicles actions. And there’s always someone faster than you on the Autobahn, so stay right and use those turn signals!

All accommodations are pre-paid, and cannot be cancelled or transferred. We reserve the right to re-assign unused rooms and to make substitutions as required. You are responsible for damages, theft, etc from your assigned rooms. Please report any issues immediately.

We cannot be held responsible for delays, loss of property, income, injury, deaths, vehicle liability or damage, theft, and we do not insure any aspect of the Tour personally. Personal travel insurance is widely available, and be purchased directly from many sources. We recommend you research and purchase it. Your car’s European Liability and/or Breakdown insurance is issued by a third party provider, and Orchid Euro LLC does not receive any money from these parties. Your policies are issued to yourself and your car.

Make sure to carry your valid US drivers license, and preferably your Passport at all times. You must also carry your insurance and registration documents at all times in your car, and should also have the Tour emergency contact information sheet with you. A International Drivers Permit may be requested by traffic police – please see below for details.

An International Drivers License is available from AAA at a low cost of around $20, and is strongly recommended. You can find more information here:

If the group visits the Nurburgring, which is subject to schedule and availability, you must accept full responsibilities for all costs and any damage caused by or to yourself, your vehicle, your passengers, and to third parties by the same. All risks, damages, costs, injury, or any other repercussions are exclusively your responsibility. Orchid Euro LLC,  it’s employees, and anyone related to the trip, accepts no liability for anything that happens will at a race track, or in the area on the Nurburgring.

These are given as a guideline, and you may be provided with more information in your Tour Packet. All dates, instructions, information, etc, may be altered, substituted, or withdrawn at any time. All rights are reserved. Thanks!